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Campsite Himmelspforte

The campsite "Himmelspforte" stretches from the river "Weser" easily rising into a well-cared area. Hedges and trees are allover the campsite and fit perfectly into the landscape. All places for caravans or tends have got a solid lawn-surface and are partially restricted by small trees and other plants that offer a protection against sun and wind. Each place on the campsite has a sufficient size and is marked. All ways on the campsite-terrain are well-cared and the main-ways are coated with asphalt. When it is getting dark, lamps provide a good illumination at all ways. For each stand
on the campsite there is a 220-volt-electric-connection with counter. Points for getting fresh water are on the campsite and in the sanitary-buildings.


What our guests should know


The registration with restaurant and store is at the entrance of the campsite. The restaurant offers meals and drinks. You can spend sociable and happy hours there. You can also dance and have parties in the restaurant. The small store offers most articles that campers need.

  1. The entry to the campsite is allowed only after being registrated. At the registration, you can inform yourself and get information by the owners.
  2. Visitors to the campsite have to pay a small charge. The visitors charge can be seen on a notice at the entrance
  3. If you want to visit us you should make appointments as early as possible. The same appointments are to be made if you want to place your caravan for a longer period or if you want to place your boat in one of our boat-halls.
  4. Parking sites for day-visitors and guests are available.
  5. Incoming mail is to be picked up at the registration. A mailbox is available, too. A . telephone can be used with meter.
  6. Dogs are to be led at the rope in the campsite-area
  7. Gas-supply is direct at the campsite.
  8. The time when no cars are allowed to be driven and the other time of rest have to be followed.
  9. Fishing cards are available at the registration.
  10. If you want to play table tennis in our area, table-tennis-bats, net and ball have to be brought on you own.
For childs, teens and them who left young-at-heart

For children, there is a playground with a big sandbox, swings, see-saws and with facilities for climbing. For the youth you find a leisure time-area with table tennis, table-football and enough other place to play other games.

Sanitary facilities

The campsite offers three well-equipped sanitary-buildings with all facilities that campers of today want to have on their campsite. The buildings are opened all-year, are heated and have an efficient hot water-supply for all wash-basins, showers, wash-cabins and sink. Floor and walls of all rooms are tiled. You also find a room with a washing machine, sinks and the possibility to iron. The entire-use of this installation is free of charge. You only have to pay for using the shower and washing machine.