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Campsite Himmelspforte

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Bodenwerder the famous city were the Baron of Munchhausen lived is surrounded by "Hopfenberg", "Eckberg" and nature reserve "Vogler". 1.5 km away from the city centre there ist the campsite "Himmelspforte" directly at the river "Weser". The campsite got its name of old "Weser"-sailors as there werder na kilometres for the river but special names for special parts. Today, the main-users of the river are people with their sport-boats and some bigger ships for smal and longer roundtrips on the river. Opposite the campsite at the left shore of the river "Weser", the Hopfenberg streches with the rocks. 

lts beautiful forest, which changes its face concerning to the
season forms a picturesque scenery. In southern and eastern direction, the campsite is surrounded by meadows al);9 fields. There are only some individual farms amid this marvellous quiet landscape.l!n 15 - 20 minutes, you can reach the nature reserve "Vogler" with its forest of many different kinds of trees, well-cared footpaths, fantastic spots commanding a good view and beautiful places to rest. Everyone, friend of the nature, or people who just want to walk a while or collectors of mushrooms will be satisfied.

Wochenmarkt in Bodenwerder  
Wochenmarkt in Bodenwerder [13.7.2007]
Traditioneller Wochenmarkt in Bodenwerder jeden Freitag in der Fußgängerzone der Innenstadt. Der Wochenmarkt lädt zum einkaufen oder einfach nur zum bummeln ein. Angeboten werden Spezialitäten der Region. Frisches Obst und Gemüse, Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten sowie viele weitere Dinge des täglichen Bedarfs.

The river "Weser" from Hamlin to Hann. Munden can be used with all kinds of boats
without locks. The campsite itself has a solid place to get your boat into and off the
water. When your boat is on a trailer you can easily slip it into the water. If you want
to keep your boat dry and save we have two big boat-halls. Even water-skiing is
possible on a special route on the river near the campsite.

Now essentially hobbycaptains with their sport boats and ships going for smaller and bigger tours on the upper "Weser".